'Life past the post'

Donating a horse to New Beginnings


At New Beginnings we look to help as many former racehorses as we can, whether straight from racing or from private post racing homes.

Every horse that is donated to New Beginnings will remain under the ownership of New Beginnings for the rest of their life, offering you peace of mind knowing that your horse will have a safe and secure future.

All New Beginnings horses are loaned out and never sold. We feel that this is the only way we can ensure the horses welfare by always knowing where they are and by keeping in contact with their loaner.

If you’d like us to consider taking your thoroughbred then please give us a ring on 01759 369810

For more information please read ‘Donating a Horse to New Beginnings’ form from our Document Downloads page.




We initially ask for an (honest) overview of your horse including it’s temperament, experience, work history and any injuries or vices. Not much puts us off, we just need to know! We may come to see your horse and we may ask for a veterinary report. Without this information we would be unable to offer your horse a place.

As you can imagine we get many enquiries so we do have to run a waiting list. If we cannot help you straight away we do our best to help you as soon as we can.

We do not charge for our services but do ask for a donation where possible when a horse is donated to New Beginnings..

"As a small breeder of thoroughbreds and an owner of racehorses I am proud to be a Patron of New Beginnings. As a horsewoman myself, I can fully endorse the care and empathy shown to these magnificent horses. The dedication, passion and commitment given by Pam and Kevin to the welfare of all the horses in their care is second to none. The Racing Industry is lucky to have their support."

The Countess of Halifax

"Amazing organisation with so much passion for what they do. They add so much to our racecourse wider experience of racing."

York Racecourse

"Great cause. Hopefully race goers will support as they should."

M & J Wormald

"Wonderful work by genuine people – Tell your friends about them!"

B & C Turner

"Great to see horses so well looked after. Best of luck for your future development."

P Gill

"Absolutely excellent set up with very enthusiastic, knowledgeable people."

J Gibb