'Life past the post'


Horses come to us straight from racing, either because they are not fast enough, injury has halted their career or they are now too old. Others come from private homes, their racing career could have ended many years ago, but through no fault of their own, their owner’s circumstances have changed and can no longer keep the horse.
When a horse comes into New Beginnings it is assessed and a will usually have a visit by our farrier, dentist and physio to check that everything is in order, we will then turn him / her away with a few other horses in selected groups to allow them to relax and become a horse again.



This ‘time out’ we believe is invaluable as it will allow their race muscle to soften, but more importantly it will allow them the time to mentally adjust to life after racing.
Every horse is an individual and we treat them as so, some horses will be turned away for a couple of months, some may be turned away for much longer, it will depend on what their mental state is when they come to us. Some horses may not need any time out at all, but as we said earlier every horse is an individual.
Once they are showing signs of being relaxed and are looking for a job we bring them in and their re-schooling starts.


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"As a small breeder of thoroughbreds and an owner of racehorses I am proud to be a Patron of New Beginnings. As a horsewoman myself, I can fully endorse the care and empathy shown to these magnificent horses. The dedication, passion and commitment given by Pam and Kevin to the welfare of all the horses in their care is second to none. The Racing Industry is lucky to have their support."

The Countess of Halifax

"Amazing organisation with so much passion for what they do. They add so much to our racecourse wider experience of racing."

York Racecourse

"Great cause. Hopefully race goers will support as they should."

M & J Wormald

"Wonderful work by genuine people – Tell your friends about them!"

B & C Turner

"Great to see horses so well looked after. Best of luck for your future development."

P Gill

"Absolutely excellent set up with very enthusiastic, knowledgeable people."

J Gibb